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The Red Special Guitar Podcast

Aug 4, 2023

Hello there, Welcome to News of the world! In this video I explain what news of the works hopes to become and also talk about some news thats been happening the Red Special community recently.

Remember to head over to check out all the links below to catch on who I mentioned in the video. Yonderbosk Pickups - @yonderbosk Thoms Bruncard Tonex - The outputs from the Tonex Project have hit 2500 downloads. Jamie Humphries (ex Brian May guitarist) is using the profiles for Queen soundalike recordings and eejit here has done 60+ gigs successfully with them

. The team at Recovering Queen Podcast are also using the tech for their Queen covers. They remain free of charge and can be downloaded from Tone.Net.@ThomasBrunkard

Andrek Hernandez - editor extraordinaire - go follow him@RedSpecialTribute

Harry Churchill - Harry's Guitar Time - please come to the meetup :-) @HarrysGuitarTime R

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