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The Red Special Guitar Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Today we catch up with Red Special forum member Craig Farley. Craig not only looks like Brian May, but he has even hung upside down dressed as Brian May.. more on that in the podcast. Craig is a wonderful chap with very similar influences to me and has a great story to tell of how he ended up in the RS Community, getting his rig together and attending his first RS Meetup in 2021. If you want to see more of Craig please check out his YouTube channel, which has now hit over 1000 subs  @Craig Farley Musician  There you can find loads of lessons and great Brian May content by Craig. You can also check out his current band Mercury Also dont forget to head over to to book your meetup tickets If you would like to support the Podcast please check out our Patreon Make sure you check out the Facebook forum - And check out the old school web forum -