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The Red Special Guitar Podcast

Apr 6, 2023

Hello there 👋 Welcome to the home of the Red Special Guitar Podcast. Today we have the pleasure of the company of the creator of RS Custom Guitar - Everett Wood. Everett is a near life long Queen fan and through some encounters found himself in a great position with access to some information. Coupled with his passion and hardwork found himself making Red Special Guitars. Everett and I have a fantastic conversation and unlock some of the mythos and history around the wider Red Special Story along with adding a few more questions. Massive thanks to Everett for his time and agreeing to be on the Podcast. Remember To hit that LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to not miss any future Podcasts and to check out any new ideas we may have coming your way soon 🎬 Want to know more about the Red Special Guitar Podcast and what we are up to? Follow the Podcast on Instagram 👇 Facebook   👇 / Also remember to Check out the podcast website for updates on the UK Meetups, merch and how you can support the podcast on Patreon or buy me a coffee.

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 Also I want to make a shoutout to our Editor Mr Andrek Hernandez from Red Special Tribute.

Make sure to check out his youtube channel and Instagram for some cracking content.

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The Red Special Guitar Podcast